Preschool admissions are for ages one (1) to five (5). We prepare kids for their next educational hurdle, Primary School.

It is our aim to support independence and inspire personal responsibility. We accomplish this by giving kids opportunities to explore movement, dress up by themselves, choose what they want to do under adult supervision, and accomplish challenging tasks that will enhance and stretch their imaginations.

When they are able to achieve this, there is an increase in their self-belief, and self-confidence, which they will need for life.

Our Preschoolers are taught within the principles of the Montessori system;

Creche (Play Group)

Charter Oak Deglory School Creche is a Luxurious daycare center that helps preschoolers feel safe and secure while their parents are away at work. The school provides a fun and stimulating environment for children of ages one (1) to two (2) years.

Our nurturing environment helps students feel comfortable exploring new things, develop their skills, foster independence, and social-emotional skills and provide a strong foundation in early literacy and numeracy.

Nursery 1 & Nursery 2

The ages for Nursery One (1) and Two (2) are 2-3 years and 3-4 years respectively, with a maximum intake of 15 learners per class.

The focus of these groups is to develop their Literacy, Mathematics, and Expressive Arts & Design skills. There’s an additional focus on expanding their understanding of the world around them through arts & crafts, drama, music, reading, and games.


The ages for these students are 4-5 years, with a maximum intake of 15 learners per class.

An enabling environment is created for the children to extend their existing skills and develop confidence through computer training, the construction of sentences, knowledge of basic mathematics, and imaginative play.


The broad curricula for these pupils are centered on the following guidelines:

Physical Development Personal

Social, and Emotional Development

Mathematical Development

Creative Development

Communication, Language, and Literacy

Knowledge and Understanding of the World